Alcântara: General orders eviction of quilombolas to deliver military base to the USA

The reservist general of the High Command of the Armed Forces (ACFA) and chief minister of the Institutional Security Office, Augusto Heleno, ordered on March 26 the eviction of quilombola communities living in Alcântara, Maranhão. The measure is part of the operations to deliver the Alcântara base to the United States (USA).

Alcântara is the city located in Baixada Maranhão, where there are about 200 quilombola communities that house 3,300 families on 78,000 hectares of land, and where the Alcântara Launch Center (CLA) is installed. According to the resolution, the task of expelling quilombola families is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense. 

According to an article published in the AND portal on the occasion of the approval of the agreement to assign the Alcântara Base to the USA, the CLA will be expanded from 8 thousand to 20 thousand hectares, a fact that will cause approximately 800 families to be removed from their homes.

More than 130 popular movements have issued a disapproval note against the resolution. “We denounce to the Brazilian people that the Bolsonaro government, submissive to the interests of the United States government, in addition to delivering our launch base, a measure that prevents the development of our knowledge and aerospace technology, also handing over the quilombola people who live in their territories for hundreds of years ”, they denounce.

In April 2019, the League of Poor Peasants further denounced that “as a ‘great’ patriot, Bolsonaro granted the rocket launch base of Alcântara, in the state of Maranhão, as cover for the military base installation of the bloody army of Yankee imperialism in Brazil”.

This story is an unofficial translation of an A Nova Democracia article.

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