Popular uprisings, crisis and struggles: USA will further militarize Latin America

The USA will deepen its military presence in Latin America and Brazil this year. This was confirmed by Craig Faller, head of the Southern Command of the USA, after a visit from the fascist “president” Jair Bolsonaro on March 8. The American official received the Brazilian lackey at the time and has confirmed that the Bolsonaro administration and general government have given “good opportunities” for increasing imperialist penetration.

The reason for this military penetration by the USA is the explosive increase in the dissatisfaction of the popular masses on the South American continent, along with the need for the top capitalists to impose greater attacks on their rights in order to escape the profound general crisis of decomposition and the current overproduction crisis – a situation that will generate hunger, misery, repression, extremely violent popular uprisings and a great possibility of the beginning of revolutions.

In addition, there is the dispute between USA and China, aggravated also by the context of a global crisis of overproduction amid the crisis of decomposition of imperialism. The crisis generates a retraction of markets and, consequently, drives the violent disputes between the imperialist powers for the control of the colonies and semi-colonies.

One of the disputes, moreover, is related to the technology of 5G, strategic from the commercial and military point of view. For this dispute, China has invested in the region for space purposes, including in Argentine Patagonia. Chinese technology for 5G, from the Huawei monopoly, has so far been offered at a lower price and higher quality than American technology.

“Our partners are willing to contribute above all with American encouragement, investments, and presence. Recognizing complex threats, we will increase the military presence in the hemisphere at the latest this year. This includes a greater presence with ships, planes, and security forces to reassure our partners and show and prove North American readiness and interoperability,” said the ultra-reactionary, after being asked about the situation in Venezuela during an intervention in the USA Senate. The American also states that the USA does not need to invest more than China, but only to strengthen “the presence.”

The global economic crisis of imperialism, deep and in its beginning, will create in the world a unique situation with serious risks of new conflicts and wars between the imperialist powers for the control of semi-colonies.


All serious experts try to characterize the current crisis as something much more serious than the 2008 crisis and will probably become more profound than the great crisis of 1929. In 2008, the devaluation of capital took three years to find its point more depressive, numbers that the current crisis of overproduction reached after 15 days.

In the current crisis, only 15 days was the period required for the American stock market to reach the biggest decline in history: 20%. Extending the comparison time, the damage is much greater. In February 2020, Dow Jones, an industry-related market, reached almost 30,000 points (the highest level in 100 years). On March 21, according to the US Today press monopoly, it had already racked up an impressive 35% drop – less than a month. For comparative purposes, in the great crisis of 1929, the same stock market fell, in two months, 46.6%.

The frightening announcements of the top capitalists are quite informative and enlightening. The executive director of the aviation monopoly, British Airways, Alex Cruz, said that the current crisis is a “crisis of global proportions as we have never seen before.”

And it goes further: “Some of us worked in aviation during the global financial crisis, the SARS outbreak, and 9/11. What happens at this moment, due to covid-19, is more serious than any of these events.”

In 2019, predicting the current crisis, the former banker of the Indian Central Bank and the former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Raghuram Rajan, said that the crisis poses a “serious threat” to the existence of capitalism.

“I think capitalism is under serious threat because it has failed to meet the needs of many, and when that happens, there are many revolts against capitalism,” he said on a BBC radio program. “I believe that this can happen sooner than you think,” he lamented.

Thus, the current IMF managing director on April 3 summed up, frightened by the great wave of popular revolutions that will arise, “Now we are in a recession. It is a crisis like no other. This is the darkest hour of my life, a great threat to the whole world.”

This story is an unofficial translation of an A Nova Democracia article.

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