RO: Latifundium contaminates environment and exposes Camp Manoel Ribeiro to poison

Airplanes have sprayed large amounts of poison over the lands of the Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm, near Camp Manoel Ribeiro, causing toxicity to peasants and serious environmental hazards to the region.

For days on end the poison has been released over the region which, in addition to watercourses, includes the dam of the Cachoeira Chupinguaia plant.

Airplane releases poison over watercourses near Camp Manoel Ribeiro. Photo: Peasant Resistance

Using airstrips located on the land of the Nossa Senhora Aparecida latifundium, some of which are located on the banks of the Chupinguaia plant’s dam, the planes were fueled with the aid of an adapted truck known as a uniporte (cricket).

Records taken by the peasants show the devastating effects of the poison that left large tracts of land exposed with the death of vegetation.

The poison sprayed kills plants, animals, insects and contaminates peasants. Photo: Peasant Resistance
The contrast between the devastation of the poisoned area and the green forest. Photo: Peasant Resistance

The consequences of the latifundium’s crimes are already being felt. Children and adults from Camp Manoel Ribeiro and neighboring areas began to show symptoms of itching and allergies since the latifundium began spraying poison.

Families also reported finding dead insects, birds and fish nearby.

The indiscriminate use of pesticides to remove insects and parts of the pasture for soybean planting occurs the moment the rainy season begins. This further aggravates the contamination of water sources, soil, and groundwater with the infiltration of poison into the land.

The use of airplanes for spraying agricultural pesticides poses serious risks to the health of the surrounding residents and to the environment, as it covers large areas, far beyond those intended for planting.

Several countries have already banned aerial spraying of pesticides, due to the serious risks it poses to the population and the environment.

Watch the video:

This is an unofficial translation of an article published on the A Nova Democracia website on November 16. The original report was published on Resistência Camponesa.

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