SP: One year after the Paraisópolis massacre, family members take to the streets to demand justice

On December 1, 2019, nine young people were cowardly murdered by Military Police (MPs) at the exit of a funk club known as “DZ7”, in the Paraisópolis favela, located in the southern part of São Paulo.

One year after the massacre, relatives of the victims gathered to honor them in the alley where the young people lost their lives. From there they went on to the Palácio dos Bandeirantes, the São Paulo government headquarters, to condemn the MPs involved in the incident and demand the reparations promised by the reactionary governor João Doria (PSDB), which have remained mere ink on paper.

Around the Bandeirantes Palace, the MPs set up a strong apparatus to surround and intimidate the relatives of the victims and prevent them from protesting in front of Gate 2, where the demonstration was scheduled to take place. The Military Police blocked the Morumbi Avenue, with men from the traffic police, the Ostensive Motorcycle Patrol Group (ROCAM), the Palace Guard, and undercover military police known as “P2”, who filmed and photographed the demonstrators and journalists. Shock police officers were on standby if there was a need for direct repression of the relatives of the young men killed.

“What’s the point of all this police apparatus against the families? On the way here, we were afraid to take a picture of the Shock truck,” said Vagner dos Santos, an 18-year-old uncle of Luara Victória (one of the victims of the massacre), to the UOL website. The State Government was questioned about the police contingent mobilized for the protest, but did not respond.


To date, about 31 MPs involved in the massacre have not been punished. The Military Police Internal Affairs Department even asked for the case to be closed, alleging that the policemen acted in self-defense, but according to the Public Prosecutor responsible for the incident, Luciana Jordão, there is enough evidence to indict part of the policemen for murder (when there is intent to kill). If the case goes through, says the prosecutor, the MPs will be taken to a popular jury. The policemen claimed they were in pursuit of a motorcycle and that participants at the club attacked them, but witnesses deny their account and say that the officers used force to shut down the club. The witnesses reported that, in an attempt to disperse, the young men were attacked in an alley and it was there that the murders occurred.

Young people killed as a result of the police’s murderous action. Photo: Reproduction/G1

According to the reports obtained and revealed by the Folha website, the cause of the deaths was mechanical asphyxiation caused by indirect suffocation.

The family members refute the hypothesis that the adolescents were trampled to death. They maintain that the adolescents were beaten to death by the officers.

“My son was not trampled on, it was not an accident. Stop saying it happened because my son was in the wrong place. Violent deaths happen in churches, they happen in the markets, they happen everywhere,” said Adriana Regina dos Santos, mother of Dennys Guilherme dos Santos Franco, who was murdered at 16.


Relatives of the victims also demanded the “governor’s promises” made in two meetings just last December. The hound Doria pledged to create an independent external commission to monitor the investigations and pay damages to the families of the victims; he began to negotiate, but later decided to pay only at the end of the investigations.

The governor refused to receive the families and failed to answer letters sent by the State Council for the Defense of Human Rights (Condepe) and the State Public Defender’s Office requesting a meeting.

The families promised to continue holding demonstrations at the Palácio dos Bandeirantes until justice is served on the case.


In a note released by the Revolutionary Youth League – Red Unit (UV- LJR) in December 2019 entitled “PM/DORIA Murderers and terrorists!”, the revolutionaries said “What was seen in Paraisópolis was an open demonstration of the forces of repression of this rotten old state and their handling of the popular masses in our country. It is important to point out that for some time now the MP of São Paulo has been attacking not only demonstrations, but all sorts of mass gatherings that take place in the state. And then they want to sell the idea that they’re doing it to fight trafficking, that is, a sick joke!

“We cannot understand the PM’s terrorist attack in Paraisópolis as an isolated incident. There are several massacres not only in the outskirts of the city, but also in the countryside, which has been increasing with the counterrevolutionary coup underway in our country. Every action that the old state takes in what they call ‘public security’ is to facilitate the conditions of repression by the so-called ‘security forces’ and to toughen penalties against supposed ‘criminals.’

“There are more and more statements by bosses like Bolsonaro, Doria, Witzel and all sorts of bandits and scoundrels in the old state saying that they are “fighting crime” to justify these criminal operations in the city and in the countryside, but in fact they are afraid of the future uprising of the masses in our country.”

This is an unofficial translation of an article published on the A Nova Democracia website on December 3.

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