MG: Action honors peasant leader Cleomar Rodrigues murdered at the behest of landowners


Action honors peasant leader Cleomar Rodrigues de Almeida, murdered at the behest of landowners in Pedras de Maria da Cruz

On December 6, a successful action was carried out in honor of comrade Cleomar Rodrigues, leader of the League of Poor Peasants (LCP), murdered on October 22, 2014, 6 years ago, at the entrance of the peasant area United with God We Will Win in Pedras de Maria da Cruz, North of Minas Gerais.

The event carried out the solemn replacement of the “Memorial Landmark,” placed at the time of the murder, with permanent markers of Aroeira (solid wood) produced by his comrades who carved “Cleomar Lives” and a metal plaque with a message of honor to the memory of comrade Cleomar and slogans of the struggle for land.

Banner with photo of peasant leader Cleomar Rodrigues. Photo: AND Database

At the beginning of the event an Assembly was held where the LCP and other struggle organizations such as Popular Women’s Movement (MFP), Popular School, Workers League and Sledgehammer Union, Sanitary Committee for Popular Defense, Committee to Support the Struggle for Land, United with God We Will Win Peasants Association and other comrades and family members of the comrade were moved after reading his biography. Some comrades traveled more than 180 kilometers to reach the event.

During the presentations, his class-conscious and internationalist position was highlighted, as well as how much the comrade would be thrilled today with the high rates of abstentions, null and void in the last elections and all this demoralization of the political system and how the propaganda of the Democratic, Agrarian and anti-imperialist Revolution has grown.

Flags of Palestine, Mapuche and LCP. Photo: AND Database
Memorial landmark at the entrance honors Cleomar Rodrigues. Photo: AND Database

The effects of the pandemic on people’s lives, and the genocide committed by the government of generals and the fascist Bolsonaro who called this serious and unknown disease ‘the flu’ were also discussed. It was also discussed that in the face of the suffering and abandonment to which the people are subjected, we must demand the vaccine immediately for the poor population.

A comrade from the Workers League saluted the memory of comrade Cleomar and presented the data of the electoral boycott. He spoke about the situation of the people, the violence of the police against the black people and the murder in Carrefour. A comrade from the Popular School remarked that all this is part of the counterrevolutionary offensive to prevent the inevitable mass uprising, she said that this reactionary offensive intends to provide a solution to the serious problems generated by an economic, political, and moral crisis of the old Brazilian state, but which they cannot resolve, given the degree of decomposition of bureaucratic capitalism in Brazil. The MFP member warmly greeted the comrades for their presence and recalled how much comrade Cleomar supported the comrades’ participation. She also stated with vibrant conviction that if the landowners thought that by murdering him cowardly they would drown our struggle in blood, they were mistaken because the blood of comrade Cleomar and all the heroes of the people does not drown, but waters the revolution. The plenary session ended with a song called ” O Risco” (The Risk) that says the risk that the stick runs is the axe, and also the song “Conquer the land” followed by the slogan “Comrade Cleomar!” to which everyone responded “Present in the struggle” along with rockets that were released at the most important moments of the tribute, raising everyone’s spirits.

Plenary of the Tribute Act. Photo: AND Database
Peasants pose next to the Memorial Landmark in the Village of United with God We Will Win. Photo: AND Database

All the comrades spoke of the pride of continuing the comrade’s struggle with the taking of the entire farm, the popular court and the distribution of the land to the peasants, the comrade’s dream. A leader of the LCP reaffirmed the importance of taking all the lands of the latifundium, effusively praised the LCP of Rondonia for taking the last lands of Santa Elina and for the resistance in the Tiago dos Santos Camp. He reaffirmed his commitment to carry out the Agrarian Revolution, in which everyone followed him in repeating the Solemn Oath of the League of Poor Peasants.

A landmark made by the peasants themselves carved in aroeira (wood). Photo: AND Database

This is an unofficial translation of an article published on the A Nova Democracia website on December 15.

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