RO: Porto Velho graffiti calls for support to Camp Tiago dos Santos and LCP

Graffiti on 7 de Setembro Avenue, the main commercial road in the capital of Rondonia, broke the last few weeks’ silence of the pro-latifundium yellow press. In bold letters it says: ALL SUPPORT FOR CAMP TIAGO DOS SANTOS AND THE LCP! LONG LIVE THE AGRARIAN REVOLUTION! MEPR. The prominent slogan calls for class solidarity of the city’s workers with the poor landless peasants who are fighting in land seizures led by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP).
Recently, in addition to all the defamation by officials of the old bourgeois landowning state and the monopoly press, the organs of state repression, gunmen have been active around the LCP’s land seizures. Especially in the Manoel Ribeiro (in Chupinguaia/RO) and Tiago dos Santos (Porto Velho/RO, region of União Bandeirantes) camps.
The Rondônia support committee also reports that in the last few days a reporting team from another democratic press agency made a visit to the Tiago dos Santos area. Through this, it was possible to see on site the truculent action of suspected military police in approaches to peasants.

This is an unofficial translation of an article published on the A Nova Democracia website on December 18.

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