RO: Peasants of Cujubim are marked for death

Caption: In the image from left to right, Jarbas Teixeira de Sena’s body, photo of him alive and photo of Cristiano Rezende Exterkotter. Both murdered at the behest of the latifundium. Photo: Peasant Resistance.

Reprinted reports issued by the Peasant Resistance Newspaper on threats and attempted murder by order of the latifundium against a peasant resident of the Bacuri Area in Rondônia.

Peasant Joel, resident of the Bacuri area, located in the municipality of Rio Crespo in Rondônia, can be murdered at any time.

For more than a week, gunmen at the service of the landowner Gesulino Cezar Travagini Castro have been watching the worker’s house. Joel escaped from an assassination attempt on January 2.

Gesulino is the perpetrator and leader of dozens of murders in the region of Buritis, a city in Rondônia located 330 kilometers (km) from the capital Porto Velho, in the region of Ariquemes. In this city he relies on the collusion of some civil and military police officers, especially the collusion of the Buritis Civil Police Chief, Lucas Torres Ribeiro.

In Cujubim, city of Rondônia located in the same region, 159 km from the capital, Gesulino also organized civil and military police to cover up his crimes, counting on Mayor Pedro Marcelo Fernandes Pereira.

The modus operandi of murders motivated by land disputes is always the same: the murderers approach the victim and shoot him with several rounds.

Several gunshot victims in the region have something in common: they came into contradiction with Gesulino Cezar Travagini Castro. As the murders that took place in the region in 2019 and at the end of 2020 demonstrate.


On January 12, 2019, former councilman Jarbas Teixeira de Sena, 45, was shot dead in a bar in the city of Cujubim. The killer was on a motorcycle.

On October 16, 2020, Cristiano Rezende Exterkotter, 34, was murdered in the Bacuri Area. His wife reported that he was riding a motorcycle to his neighbor to get a bunch of bananas when he was shot.

On December 25, 2020, Ronaldo Leonardo da Silva, 43, was murdered in an area of agrarian conflict.

Both Cristiano Rezende and Jarbas were murdered in the Bacuri Area at the behest of Gesulino and his gunmen with the collusion of Cujubim and Ariquemes police.

The deaths caused by this landowner are never investigated. Even though these are widely known by the population of Buritis, the criminal continues to be covered up by Chief Lucas Torres. Even when the executors of his orders, the gunmen, come to know more about his criminal endeavors, Gesulino kills them.

This is an unofficial translation of an article published on the A Nova Democracia website on January 12.

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