PR: Sanitary Committee demands vaccine for all and mourns the more than 200,000 people killed by COVID-19

Caption: Sanitary Committee in protest through the streets of Pinhais. January 2021 Photo: Outreach

Last Sunday (January 10), the Sanitary Committee for the Popular Defense of Pinhais/PR organized, together with the residents of the region, an act in mourning for the more than 200,000 deaths caused by COVID-19 and to demand the vaccine for all as a measure of containment of the pandemic, which has, at the beginning of this year, already reached records of deaths and contamination in the country.

The action aimed to mourn the victims and denounce the complete disregard with which the Brazilian State has been dealing with the health crisis. Such a neglect that in this moment of global race for the vaccine, there is an absolute lack of haste by the government of Bolsonaro/generals and local governments to ensure mass vaccination that could finally put an end to this nightmare for the people.

Pamphlet denounces neglect of the people. January 2021. Photo: Reproduction
Residents talk and show support for the act. January 2021. Photo: Disclosure

The Committee went through the busiest streets of the region carrying a large banner with the slogan “Fight for the 200 thousand deaths of Covid-19!” and “Vaccine for all now!” During the route they also handed out flyers from house to house while talking to the residents and merchants who, among several demonstrations of support, also wanted to show their grief and indignation by hanging black cloths in their houses and establishments. At the end, the banner was hung in a public square of the neighborhood.

Residents put up black cloths and banners in mourning for the more than 200,000 killed by covid-19 and neglect of the state. January 2021. Photo: Outreach.
Residents put up black cloths and banners in mourning for the more than 200,000 killed by covid-19 and neglect of the State. January 2021. Photo: Outreach.

The Sanitary Committee of Pinhais/PR continues organizing the popular masses in the fight for their basic needs through actions to prevent the coronavirus and against the effects of the economic crisis. Throughout 2020, the Committee distributed hundreds of hygiene and protection materials; promoted popular bazaars, community meetings, public health and political protests; collected and distributed basic food baskets and organized the free distribution of thousands of meals to residents of the region.

Sanitary Committee displays banner of protest in public square of Pinhais/PR. January 2021. Photo: Outreach.

This is an unofficial translation of an article published on the A Nova Democracia website on January 16.

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