RO: Camp Manoel Ribeiro is attacked again and peasants resist; Watch the video.

This follows the escalation of reactionary violence by the latifundium and the old state against the peasants of Camp Manoel Ribeiro.

Peasants resist a cowardly attack by police and gunmen at the behest of landowners. 
January 2021. Photo: Disclosure.

Peasants reported unusual movement in the Nossa Senhora latifundium, between 6 pm and 8 pm on the night of January 20: a police vehicle entered the headquarters; 4 pickup trucks, cars and motorcycles were roaming along the main road leading to Chupinguaia (Line MC01) and on the roads inside the latifundium; a drone flew over the camp. Campers reported that gunmen then fired with a large-caliber gun at a Camp Manoel Ribeiro security post.

Due to the presence of the police car in the headquarters of the latifundium, these crimes committed by gunmen from the Nossa Senhora latifundium were in collusion with police officers. This is certain, but given Brazil’s history, especially that of Rondônia, it is certain that this was another case in which the police act as private security for the latifundium.

The families of Camp Manoel Ribeiro are still firm in the fight for the last piece of land watered with the blood of the heroic combatants of Corumbiara.

Peasants prevent attempts at illegal eviction. January 2021. Photo: Disclosure.
Peasants resist with burning barricades and fireworks. January 2021. Photo: Disclosure.

Families from Camp Manoel Ribeiro firmly resisted attacks by the police and the latifundium that extended throughout January 18.

After the latifundium’s vain attempt to intimidate the peasants by sending gunmen to the occupied area, dozens of policemen from different repressive agencies carried out two attacks against the families.

The workers managed to record the aggressions on video.



According to the families’ report, on the morning of the 18th, two men from the Nossa Senhora latifundium, carrying short guns at the waist, one of them hooded, moved towards the camp in a truck (white flag) and approached one of the gates of the occupied area.

Armed men approached Camp Manoel Ribeiro. January 2021. Photo: Disclosure.

When they realized that the peasants were not intimidated, they said they just wanted to talk and that they wanted the workers to vacate the area claiming that they needed to remove part of the cattle from the landowner.

Faced with the intimidation, the peasants stood firm and refused to leave the area.

Peasants erected a barricade to prevent police invasion of the camp. January 2021. Photo: Disclosure.
Police try to carry out illegal eviction in Camp Manoel Ribeiro. January 2021. Photo: Disclosure.

In the afternoon of the same day, around 3 pm, families saw 7 police vehicles arriving at the latifundium headquarters. Then, together with the farmer’s pickup trucks, the policemen went to Camp Manoel Ribeiro with the purpose of expelling the peasants from the Nossa Senhora Estate.

Military police vehicles and other dark camouflaged vehicles of special troops took part in the attack, but the peasants were unable to identify.

About 30 policemen carrying shields and in attack formation confronted the camped families in a hateful illegal operation.

Vehicles and policemen try to execute illegal eviction in Camp Manoel Ribeiro. January 2021. Photo: Disclosure.

Responding to the advance of the repressive forces that threatened to invade part of the occupied area, the peasants set up burning barricades and launched fireworks.

At every moment the peasants denounced the criminal character of the operation carried out without any warrant, as if it were not already absurd by its own anti-people nature. “Fighting is not a crime!”, “Even if the thing thickens, this land is ours!”, “If the peasant does not plant, the city does not eat lunch or dinner!”, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, thousand, the League advances throughout Brazil!”, ” Gunmen of the latifundium!”, “These lands have no title. The landlord grabs everything”, “These lands are from the old Santa Elina! These lands belong to the people,” the workers shouted in the midst of the songs of struggle.

Peasants resist the attempt of illegal eviction in Camp Manoel Ribeiro. January 2021. Photo: Disclosure

Afterwards, police and vehicles blocked the main road that cuts through the neighboring Revolutionary Areas and gives access to the camp. Vehicles from the military and environmental police riot battalion were identified.

Organized, the families wielded red flags, sang fight songs, slogans, and raised their work tools.

Faced with the vibrant resistance, after about half an hour, the vehicles suspended the blockade, headed for the headquarters of the Nossa Senhora Aparecida estate, where they made a stop, and retreated to the city of Chupinguaia.

Police officers removed flags and signs indicating the entrance to Camp Manoel Ribeiro – another illegal action, as they were placed on private properties of peasants. The next morning the flags were already flying again, returned to the same places by the peasants.

Camp Manoel Ribeiro suffers yet another eviction attempt. January 2021. Photo: Disclosure.

Suspicions on the part of workers that other landowners in the region are supporting the Nossa Senhora Aparecida latifundium are increasing.

According to reports from peasants in the neighboring areas, since the three days before the attacks, the headquarters of Nossa Senhora estate has shown atypical movement of different cars and vans.

The rapid and constant entry and exit of vehicles reported by the residents would be the result of a possible gathering of local landowners, one of whom is the land thief Antenor Duarte, known to be one of the principals of the heinous crime that occurred in 1995 known as the “Corumbiara Massacre.

In addition, the presence of gunmen standing on the road at night, near the entrance to the latifundium headquarters, was also reported.

As we pointed out in our last article, this collaboration of the landowners is due to the fear that more landless peasants and unemployed people from neighboring municipalities will follow the example of Camp Manoel Ribeiro and take over other large estates, pushed by the serious crisis.

In Camp Manoel Ribeiro peasants thwart attempts at illegal eviction. January 2021. Photo: Disclosure.

This is an unofficial translation of an article published on the A Nova Democracia website on January 22.

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