Comrade Cleomar

Comrade Cleomar was a Political Coordinator in the League of Poor Peasants. He was active as a beekeeper who would sell honey to support the peasants’ struggle. He fought fearlessly for Brazil’s Agrarian Revolution, refusing to stop organizing even when his life had been threatened multiple times. He openly confronted the Brazilian authorities and exposed their hypocrisy in working with the landowning class of latifundio who relentlessly repressed the peasants. Ultimately, he was killed in an ambush, murdered at the request of the latifundio and with the cooperation of the police. 

Cleomar’s legacy was remembered with militant direct action, including fulfilling one of Cleomar’s dreams of blockading a local bridge. In response to the mounting pressure of days of actions, the Brazilian state arrested two murderers. This was a blatant attempt to shield the landowners and the police from blame. However, after only one year, the murderers were released. This came as no surprise to the revolutionary peasants, who had no faith in the justice system and have vowed to avenge their comrade through revolutionary organizing.

The League of Poor Peasants have since opened up a school in Comrade Cleomar’s honor to teach the peasants how to read.

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