Comrade Remís

Comrade Remís was a dedicated member of Popular Women’s Movement (MFP) and the Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (MEPR), known for her cheerful demeanor and bright smile. Widely loved by children, she studied early education. Though she was a woman of few words, she had capacity for great action, commanding one of MEPR’s largest graffiti campaigns. She was a militant supporter of movements outside of the university as well, supporting the League of Poor Peasants in their struggle to fight the repossession of land and to help construct a school. 

In 2017, she went missing. In response, the “Where’s Remís” campaign mobilized students and neighborhood members and directly led to the capture of her cowardly ex-boyfriend who was charged with her murder, despite the police having previously claimed he was innocent.

Comrade Remís was a shining example of a life dedicated to struggle. Her work lives on forever.

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