Police Terror in Favelas

Since assuming the presidency, Jair Bolsonaro along with Rio de Janeiro Governor Wilson Witzel have expanded Brazil’s war on the poor. Those living in the poorest neighborhoods, the favelas (city slums), have been subject to countless instances of terror at the hands of police and military agencies assigned with combating “drug trafficking.”

According to one report, in the first 10 months of 2019 the police in Rio de Janeiro killed at least 1,546 people.

Like other far right politicians, Bolsonaro has used drugs as an excuse to use heavily armed military police to patrol poor urban areas, often engaging in open firefights in crowded areas, causing the death of many innocent people including children. Many stories have come out over the past year of children having to lie on the floors of their classrooms to avoid stray bullets, military helicopters firing indiscriminately into neighborhoods, and extrajudicial executions behind closed doors during raids. Brazilian Center of Solidarity to the People (Cebraspo) is a revolutionary organization dedicated to exposing government crimes against the people and supporting political prisoners.

Jair Bolsonaro
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